Black Power to Black People


An intimate look at how The Black Panther Party harnessed the power of branding and media to control its own narrative, rally community support, and become one of the most influential militant groups of their time.

Our exhibit design begins outside the gallery with two oversized protest signs leaning against the wall, amplified with hand-painted lettering reminiscent of protest signs from the civil rights era.

Bayard (typeface) evokes lettering from the 1960s civil rights protest signs. Condensed, bold and handmade… transporting viewers to that era.”

Inside, the exhibit starts with an iconic photograph of Huey Newton (1967) and follows the development of Black Panther branding through six chronological sections.

In the background, tracks from Seize the Time LP by Elaine Brown play on a loop capturing the aspirations of the Black Panther Party.

We used bold type and icons, military colors, striking icons, and heroic photographs of Black Panther members carrying exposed firearms—the same tactics that demonstrate how powerfully moving the design strategies used by the party were, even decades after their rise to fame.

Credit: Curated by Es-pranza Humphrey

KASA Collective
John Kudos, Creative Director
Robert de Saint Phalle, 3D Creative Director
Ashley Wu, Art Director
Fay Qiu, Designer
Saskia Wulandiarti, Design Intern
Imam Fadillah, 3D Renderer
Amanda Knott, Project Manager
Samuel Sachs Morgan, Photographer

Angelina Lippert, Chief Curator & Director of Content
Ola Baldych, Director of Design & Exhibits
John F. Lynch, Associate Director of Exhibits
Mihoshi Fukushima Clark, Assistant Director of Design
Rob Leonardi, Fabricator