Blooming Passage


Permanent Installation for the Canopy Mazes at Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport.

Jewel is adjacent to the hub of Asia, Changi Airport. This new landmark in Singapore is a huge 10-level jewel-shaped building with an indoor garden, 40-meter-tall waterfall, hotel, and 280 retail and F&B outlets for travelers to enjoy during layovers.

We produced “Blooming Passage”, which is permanently installed in the hedge maze of Canopy Park, located on the top-most floor of the complex. The colorful, motion-activated flowers react to passersby in the maze, offering a unique experience that changes with time.

Creative Agency / Production: Whatever
Idea: Kyosuke Taniguchi
Executive Producer: Yusuke Tominaga
Producer: Shinya Fujiwara
Business Producer: Keiko Oda
Creative Director: Kyosuke Taniguchi
Art Director / Designer: Taishi Ito
Programmer: Tatsuya Kida
Business Producer(Singapore representative): Akiyasu Takaseki (FUTUREK SG PTE LTD)
Technical Director: Masataka Kimura (TASKO inc.)
System design / Design Engineer: Tatsuo Hayashi (TASKO inc.)
Design Engineer: Masaki Sato (TASKO inc.)
Production Manager, Design Engineer: Kayo Watanabe (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Production Manager: Jingyi Wang (TASKO inc.)
Device Engineer: Ryota Okiyama (TASKO inc.)
Device Engineer: Kanta Horio (Ponoor Experiments Inc.)
Flower Design: Takeo Kitazawa (TASKO inc.)
Flower Design: Sayaka Imaizumi (MY'S)
3D Designer: Takuma Sakagawa (riversault)
Assistant Engineer: Yui Nakamura (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer: Ryoichi Sakata (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer: Ryo Inomata (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer: Tsunehiko Sasada (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer: Kenta Suzuki (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer: Katsuhiko Tabei (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer: Souma Nagahara (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer: Kohei Tone (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer: Marika Sato (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer: Ami Takahashi (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer: Azumi Kutsuwa (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer: Kazuhiro Koshiba (KOSHIBA SHOKUDO)
Assistant Engineer: Yusuke Ide (TASKO inc.)
Artificial flower production cooperation: MakerNet Technology Co.,Ltd