Google Translate

New York

In celebration of Google Translate’s 10th anniversary, we opened an interactive pop-up restaurant in New York City. For 4 days, the restaurant served an amazing line-up of multi-cultural dishes prepared by international chefs. The catch was that everything on the menu was written in a foreign language and that the hosts spoke in different languages. This meant that the guests had to download the Google Translate App to make their orders.

Credit: Executive Creative Director: Masashi Kawamura
Creative Director: Jamie Carreiro (PARTY New York)
Design Director: Eiji Muroichi
Designer: Kensuke Sato (PARTY New York)
Producer: Sachie Aihara
Head of Google Brand Creative: Michael Tabtabai (Google)
Head of Cultural Activation & Partnerships: Cameron Luby (Google)
Brand Marketing Manager: Ben Quesnel (Google)
Marketing Manager: Jesse Friedman (Google)
Head of Brand and Reputation, Events & Experiences: Michelle Rosen Sapir (Google)
Product Marketing Manager: Kyle Gray (Google)
Marketing Manager, Social Lab: Jane Hall (Google)
Events Marketing Manager: Katrina Lau (Google)
Events Marketing Manager: Melissa Luu (Google)
Events Marketing Manager: Lorin Pollack (Google)
Communications Manager: Evan Barbour (Google)
Communications Manager: Kara Berman (Google)
Executive Producer / Partner: Kate Oppenheimer (M s sng P eces)
Executive Producer / Partner: Ari Kuschnir (M s sng P eces)
Executive Producer / Partner: Brian Latt (M s sng P eces)
Film Director: Josh Nussbaum (M s sng P eces)
Partner/Head of Production: Dave Saltzman (M s sng P eces)
Project Management Director: Brian Mitchell (M s sng P eces)