National Museum of Western Art


We produced and developed an image generator for Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s exhibition, held from June to September 2017 at the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo, Japan. By standing in front of the digital display, the observer’s reflected image automatically transforms into Arcimboldo’s signature caricature-like portrait. The development process was also televised on Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK.

Credit: Planning / Production: dot by dot inc.
Production: Digital Media Lab., Inc.
Producer: Yusuke Tominaga
Producer: Kenichi Seki
Creative Director: Kyosuke Taniguchi
Technical Director: Saqoosha
Designer / Art Director: Taichi ito
Director / Sound Designer: Minori Nagashima
Associate Producer: Makoto Fukuchi
Illustrator: Mini Tadokoro
Producer: Yoshitaka Tanigawa (Digital Media Lab., Inc.)
Director: Takehiro Hamaguchi (Digital Media Lab., Inc.)
Coordinator: Kayoko Sekiguchi (Digital Media Lab., Inc.)
Artist: Jou Morita (Digital Media Lab., Inc.)
Artist: Keiji Gohara (Digital Media Lab., Inc.)
Artist: Kouji Hoshiyama (Digital Media Lab., Inc.)
Support: Tadasu Kitae (Digital Media Lab., Inc.)
Support: Nobusada Takahashi (Digital Media Lab., Inc.)
Support: Hidetaka Mishima (Digital Media Lab., Inc.)