Warlord Maker


To promote “Three Kingdoms Unveiling the Story”, a special exhibition held from July 9th at the Tokyo National Museum, we planned and developed the “Warlord Maker” online face generator with the museum exhibition team. Fans get to “participate” in this historical event by compositing their photos with the warlord characters that appear in Koei Tecmo’s “Records of Three Kingdoms” and “Dynasty Warriors 2″ video game to custom create feudal lord avatars with the Warlord Maker. Other than online content, we were also requested to build an experiential space at the museum where visitors can create digital warlord cards.

Credit: Client: NHK
Planning / Production: Whatever
idea: Kyosuke Taniguchi
Creative Detector: Kyosuke Taniguchi
Art Director / Designer: Taichi Ito
Programmer: Tatsuya Kida
Server-Side Engineer: Takanobu Izukawa
Front-End Engineer: Tetsuro Ogawa
Motion Designer: Kei Tohoda (Freelance)
Illustrator: momokoharada (Freelance)
Writing Direction: Eizo Tomita (exwrite Inc.)
Writing Direction: Shoichi Kitauchi (exwrite Inc.)
sound design: MIkiko Asakura
Producer: Makoto Fukuchi
Producer: Kenichi Seki
Case Video Director: Masaki Ueda (Bascule inc.)
Case Video 1stAC: Kousei Hayata (STROBE RUSH Inc.)